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New Status ::

I'm trying to find a permanent job either government or private sector, now is not the time to choose a job.
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Isnin, 27 Disember 2010

hari2 mau pinjam...

1. rambut, rambut aku..rambut dak ni kuntuutt yo.
2. shawl, shawl aku..
3. lipstick, lipstick aku..
4. compact powder, compact powder aku..
5. Posing, tiru posing aku..
6. sliper jepun, ha yg ni ct bedah punyo..

pendek kata sume bnd yg dier punyer (aku la especially), ngeee
jgn marah yer linda..nasib bek ko baik(trpaksa coz linda duk sebelah).
nti aku edit blik tukar la ayat neh..hehehe.

Ahad, 26 Disember 2010

Together, we can make a difference..

Thank you for getting on board with UNICEF!

As of today, you, together with almost 44,000 other Campaigners for Children have raised your hands to be counted in the effort to stop child abuse in Malaysia.
You make us very proud.

At the Get on Board campaign's official closing event held on the 15th of December, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development made a pledge to work with UNICEF to undertake a study to better understand child abuse in Malaysia so our country's policies and programmes can be more efficiently adapted to address this crucial issue.

Your support has helped achieve this, and we could not have done it without you.
This is proof that, when people come together, spread the word and take action, anything is possible.

UNICEF will continue to keep live as an ongoing resource for everyone. Please keep going back to it to learn more, and also share this knowledge with friends!

Violence against children is very real and the damage caused can impact children for a lifetime. Here are some real testimonies from children:

"Once I didn't know how to do my homework, so I asked my teacher for help.
But she didn't help me, she just pulled my ear. She always makes me feel useless."

Boy, 9, Malaysia.

"With these two hands my mother holds me, cares for me, this I love.
But with these two hands, my mother hits me - this I hate"

Girl, East Asia and the Pacific.

"I hate early marriage. I was married at an early age and my in-laws forced me to sleep with my husband and he made me suffer all night. After that whenever day becomes night, I get worried thinking that it will be like that. That is what I hate most."
Girl, 11, married at 5, Eastern and Southern Africa.

We cannot wait for more children to suffer and be scarred for life, some even having their lives cut short. UNICEF is working with the Government of Malaysia to ensure a protective environment for all children free from violence, abuse and exploitation. Some of our programs include:

  • Child Injury Database
    UNICEF is working with the Ministry of Health to develop a Child Injury Database to capture information about the incidence of intentional violence and injury to children.
  • Minimum standards of care for NGO
    UNICEF is working with the Department of Social Welfare to develop standards of care for NGO care centres and homes. These standards provide a framework of operational, care and protection for outsourced care centres run by NGOs, and complement the Child Protection Policy and National Action Plan for Children.
  • Corporal punishment in schools
    Corporal punishment by teachers such as beating and caning is still common practice in schools inMalaysia and is still widely accepted as an appropriate way to discipline children. UNICEF and the Ministry of Education are engaged in a process to promote positive discipline techniques in the classroom and create child-safe schools free from bullying and violence.
Please continue to help us make a difference.

You have already taken the first step by raising your hand against child abuse. Today, I ask if you could consider to further support our child protection programs through a donation.

A small donation from you would enable us in UNICEF to expand our work in the area of child protection, helping us to introduce programmes that will prevent violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

You can make a secure online donation now and help make a long-lasting difference in the lives of children at -- it only takes 5 minutes.

Donating is consciously taking action, and it is an act of hope done in trust. I feel a serious sense of responsibility in being the steward of that hope, and my team and I are deeply and totally committed to the trust you place in us by investing your hope, time, and resources.

It would be an honour to share this journey of transformation with you.

Thank you very much for your support. And keep on being a Campaigner for Children. They need you.

Warm regards

Hans Olsen
UNICEF Representative to Malaysia
and Special Representative to Brunei

p/s: credit to UNICEF

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Be part of the Invent Your Own iPad Application Contest and Win! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Be part of the Invent Your Own iPad Application Contest and Win! (Preview)

pls click link above to view more, TQ.

Khamis, 23 Disember 2010

Catch up this Churp ar Churp ::

Experience Korean Pop Concert with the Beast, 4minute and G.Na at the #DiGikpop!
Party passes now on sale at any DiGi Retail Centre!

Hurry up!!

Isnin, 13 Disember 2010

MLO ::--> Mom's Little Ones


10/12/10(Friday) cam biase la hr jumaat kan rehat lama ckit kak ct ajak aku, han n kak ena gi MLO kononnyer nk survey2 set Breast Pump dulu last2 trus beli. nk dijadikan citernyer aku da hangin/ jeles napa die pnye set BP tu complete sume ader time aku bli tu xde ni xde..nasib baik time aku bli dulu (06/07/08) harga masih murah (RM570.00). xpuas hati gak ni blik umah ptg tu jugak aku selongkar BP set tu n jumpa la mcm2, rupe2nyer aku pny pun ader gak cume xpasan/xingat besola bnyk bonar urat putus...

ni la harta karun aku..

ni kedai MLO yg ktorg pegi tu kt Seri Kembangan

habis cito kt kodai MLO, perut da lapa gi la mkn kt restoran SELERA ABAH kau.. (brhadapan ngan bangunan MLO)ada bebrp gambr yg sempat diamik utk tatapan/ ditelek2/ direnung2/ dikutuk2. hehehe..jom layan

sign board

pilih air dulu..
ni menu mkn plak..jom pilih nk mkn per??

Ct n Han

Kak ena n Lorna

Lorna lg (tuan tanah)...


jelingan manja si han..kak ct nk kuarkn hp bru la tu.

yeah makanan da sampai..
sblm mkn amik gmbr dulu..

kak ct:: mee bandung muar hrgnyer RM5.00 jer klu xsalah la.

han:: Nasi goreng ikan masin, tp xrasa ikan masinnyer..

den punyo :: nasi goreng ayam berlada, sodap poit...

kak ena pny special sikit, nasi goreng Selera Abah paling mahal dr ktorng pny

ha smp licin ngko..sape pny la ni, mmg isteri solehah tul ni btuah suaminye.


Rabu, 8 Disember 2010


.:Version ZOO MELAKA :.

Menghabiskan hujung minggu + cuti awal muharram di kg (alor gajah, melaka),
then gi plak Zoo Melaka ngan family husband..penat giler pusing 1 zoo.

ni jela gambar yg sempat aku amik, memory card dah penuh xbleh amik bnyk2..

iwan n rayyan

pandai orang utan ni posing kan? nampak jer org pegang cam. cpt2 die posing..


Di atas jambatan Restaurant terapung..

rayyan ni xsempat2 nk turun, xdpt aku nk posing maut ..

jom balik!!

No Tittle..

Sesi mencube baju fiza...catekkk x?

menu makn ptg aku n cik lyn23...sedap sedap

Kudung kuku kaki kawanku, ngeeee..

asal boleh jer minah2 ni..kt bangku alamanda pun jadik, ish..

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